The performative persona of Dorothy Darker has combined in life and work, for more than a half decade, a fascination with color and light (chiefly in a rich, muted, warm palette), the body (especially so those of ladies), and powerful expressions of emotion — across the mediums of painting and performance.

In 2013, she turned her attention more directly to the creation of shared experiences and decided, over a finely crafted Manhattan most likely,  to combine her until then separate hosting and art endeavors by over-producing a party with a hand selected, enthusiastic group of collaborators, tightly curating their dress, hair, makeup, and  crafting an imagined and temporary space. To capture and these projects, she brought in three photographers to document the atmosphere and moments of magic.

House of Darker is the group of friends, lovers, and collaborators who help Dorothy regularly mix the aims of inspiration, creative expression, and community based support in an effort to bring together a positive and uplifting environment.

They aim to not only share their creative goals and successes but to do so in and environment that welcomes all - regardless of means or training - where one can be open about their lifestyle choices, be supported in their gender presentation, not be shoehorned by the oversimplified matrix of orientation.  House of Darker events are always consent forward events, where body autonomy is respected and defended.