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House of Darker & Lot 45 present:
TABLEAUX, a Monthly Art Salon & Kinky Mixer.

Lot 45 Bushwick is located at 411 Troutman, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
Tableaux begins at 7 PM
Happy Hour goes till 8 PM
Poses begin at 8 PM and 9 PM!

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This month's theme is The Dandy. We look forward to celebrating all those who identify or play with this fabulous identity of aesthetic flair. Join us in tipping our hats to the handsome disciples of Beau Brummell, their well-tailored suits, fine neckwear, polished shoes and boots, and their impeccable charm and style.

We encourage you to come to Tableaux in whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. Come in your work clothes, it’s ok! Wear your collars and cuffs, but leave your toy bags at home. Tableaux is strictly a mixer and an opportunity for those of all comfort levels to socialize outside of a play environment. We ask that you honor that intention by not engaging in overt scenes. Help us cultivate and normalize a culture of safety and consent by participating in explicit verbal consent with your fellow denizens.

We choose themes as fodder to spark conversation with like-minded friends and new acquaintances and to inspire those who wish to draw from life. Left your pens at home? Don’t fret, quills and parchment are FREE. Don't draw? Join others in a writing exercise, lead by Jack Stratton (@writingdirty), or just take in the vibe and meet like-minded people.

Tableaux is a consent forward environment - Please ask before casual touch, and check in before more.

New, curious, or just have a question? Look for a friendly face wearing a red ribbon - who are always happy to meet new faces.

We ask for a $5-10 donation to help pay our models, for flowers, and to facilitate PR and photos. We appreciate any and all contributions from those who can help.

As always, if you can, please support sex workers, our friends, our families at - sex work is work!