Photo by  Ian Reid

Photo by Ian Reid

House of Darker & Lot 45 present:
Tableaux, a Monthly Mixer & Art Salon

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Tableaux runs from 7 - 10 PM
Happy Hour from 7-8 PM
Poses begin at 8 PM and 9 PM
USO A cappella Show: at 10 PM

Lot 45 Bushwick
411 Troutman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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This month's theme is Cheesecake and Beefcake!

Pin-up has historically presented women with models for expressing and finding pleasure in their sexuality. Gibson girls, Vargas girls, and of course, Bettie Page. Pin-up modeling today is invested in promoting positive body images and a love for one's sexuality. Contemporary torchbearers are Dita Von Teese and Pamela Anderson. The term cheesecake was first used to describe promiscuous women back in the 1660s. That’s right, the classic pinup term is over 300 years old!

While most female pinups tend to be known, the world of beefcake photography is still relatively unknown to the mainstream. Rudolph Valentino, Elvis, and Burt Reynolds all represent the beefcake aesthetic - Sometime around the 1960s, beefcake began to become associated with the underground LGBTQ culture, too.

We’ll have our own Trio of Cheesecakes - posing and serenading us this month. Ruby, Shale, and Elsha will display classic pinup style, and then entertain us at 10 pm with a little USO type a cappella show.

We encourage you to come to Tableaux in whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. Yes, you can wear your “just came from work” clothes, it’s ok! Bring your partners, bring your friends, bring your allies. All are welcome at Tableaux. Kinky? That’s cool. You can wear your collars and cuffs, but leave your toy bags at home because Tableaux is strictly a mixer.

We choose themes as fodder to spark conversation and to inspire those who wish to draw from life. Left your pens at home? Don’t fret, art supplies are free. Don't draw? Join others in a writing exercise, lead by Jack Stratton, or just take in the vibe and meet like-minded people.

Tableaux is a consent forward environment - Please ask before casual touch, and check in before more.

New, curious, or just have a question? Look for a friendly face wearing a red ribbon - who are always happy to meet new faces.

We ask for a $5-10 donation to help make Tableaux fabulous for all, regardless of means. We appreciate any and all contributions from those who can help.

As always, if you can, please support sex workers, our friends, our families at Lysistrata - SEX WORK IS WORK